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"Almost always, it is thought that a bubble show is simply a show intended for the little ones..., but it's not: a bubble show is intended primarily for adults, that are, those who more than all need back to be children again..."

Pierpaolo Laconi, Whitedream in Dreaming Bubbles

An event, to be remembered as such, needs to live unforgettable moments.

Entertainment capable of raising even more the emotional ribbon of those moments, is essential: whether it is a PRIVATE EVENT such as the reception for a COMMUNION, a WEDDING, an ANNIVERSARY or if it is a CORPORATE EVENT to celebrate certain achievements, often celebrated with gala nights.

In this, soap bubbles have a special power. From a purely philosophical point of view, they have the clear ability to excite and surprise those who observe them, while from a more concrete point of view for the purposes of the event, bubbles have a versatility that makes them adaptable to all types of situations and above all "themes".

If you want to make your event unique and remembered by everyone, then a bubble art perfomance is what you’re looking for and Whitedream’s experience in the world of event planning can help you to reach the perfect connection between your event and soap bubbles!


DURATION: Variable, to agree with the organization of the event

LOCATION: Indoor & Outdoor

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