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Whitedream, Pierpaolo Laconi, is a bubble artist born in Rome in 1986.
Graduated in accounting, since very young shows interest and preparation for the stage and in 2009 enrolls in the Academy of Acting and Singing "Fondamenta" in Rome, which concludes successfully in 2011 and thanks to which to date has a theater repertoire of more than 30 staged.
In addition, since 2007, he has been working for tourist facilities throughout Italy until summer 2018, in the role of Director of Animation and Art Director of the agency Tango Animation, which gives him the opportunity to experiment and devise various forms of scenic performances such as cabaret, musical, black-light show, fire show and finally the lighting of the bubble show.

It’s just during the summer of 2017, looking for a new form of show that "born" Whitedream.
After the first shows brought in the tourist resorts where he is present as a manager of the sector, he devotes himself totally to the improvement of techniques and to an increasingly meticulous research that leads him to improve his performance.
At the beginning of 2018 he moved to Spain, to Alicante, where he began to make his art known by collaborating, also here, with numerous tourist facilities along the Costa Blanca, but also with neighboring municipal institutions, participating in important festivals such as "Elx al Carrer" or "Alacant Despierta", and, thanks to the collaboration with Zetaefe Producciones, the organization of a theatre tour throughout the Iberian peninsula.

From 2020 he joined the AOIBA (Association of International Bubble Artistes) and in the same year he published his first book "Bubbles Art", sold worldwide and translated into three languages.

In 2022 he was awarded the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the "World’s largest soap bubble blown by hands".

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